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Stockerau Austria

Situated near the Austrian capital city of Vienna, Stockerau is an important industrial, cultural and shopping town, providing its residents with high quality of life. Stockerau (174 meters elevation, 15700 citizens) offers to its visitors variety of leisure facilities including a wellness and sports centers, football stadium, indoor and outdoor tennis facilities. Other activities are cycling and hiking in the large Au forest between Stockerau and the Danube, horseback riding, mini golf, etc.
Stockerau is also a venue of many exhibitions, music concerts, festivals and various other cultural events in the Belvedereschlossl center. In the cellar of this beautiful castle, erected in the sixteenth century and revitalized by the local community in 1984, one will find the district museum.

 Belvedereschloessl Stockerau

Stockerau Transportation

The nearest public airport is this in Schwechat, but Stockerau has also a sporting airport. There are many fast trains from Vienna, from Absdorf and from Hollabrunn, as well as several bus connections. By car once can get to Stockerau from Vienna motorway Donauuferautobahn, or from Hollabrunn and Krems expressways.

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