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Mayrhofen Ski Holidays

Mayrhofen skiing snowboarding

Mayrhofen Ski resort features a total of one hundred and fifty kilometers of slopes, as well as forty-nine lifts which cater for all levels of skiers, whether beginners, intermediates or advanced - there is something for everyone. The main attraction of the resort is without a doubt the 150er Tux, a transport lift which takes one to the highest point of the ski area in just five minutes. The view is absolutely magnificent once you reach Wangelspitz, which is 2500 meter above sea level. The resort takes a good care of its snowboarders, too, by providing them with a well equipped boarding pack. The ski resort in Apre is quite well equipped - it has a large selection of bars and clubs in avail, plus a couple of shops and a wide range of restaurants. The ski region supports one hundred and fifty-seven km of pure tracks and forty-nine lifts; it has been extended from Mayrhofen to the Penkenbahn and from Schwendau to the Horbergbahn. If you have a family then you will be well-suited by the other skiing area in Mayrhofen - the Ahorn. It also offers ideal practice slopes for beginners and children. The nearly six kilometers long valley descent will appeal to very good skiers. A special feature is the Ahorn "Kinder land", a large children’s playground at an altitude of 2000 meters.

Winter Hiking in Mayrhofen

Winter Hiking Mayrhofen ski holiday

There are forty-five kilometers of cleared foot paths. The Tourist Office offers the service of a qualified mountain guide every Friday for a winter tour around Mayrhofen. These winter walks begin in the tranquil atmosphere of one of the many huts around Mayrhofen. Warm clothes and boots as well as a registration are available at Mayrhofen Information center. Ziller Promenade, Wiesenhof, Steinerkogl, Lacknerbrunn, Innerböden, Astegg are only some of the numerous winter hiking paths.

Paragliding, Hanggliding & Hot Air Ballooning in Mayrhofen

Paragliding Mayrhofen

You can fly through the whole Ziller Valley which runs from north to south and what is more you can do it throughout the whole year, either alone or with other tourists. It has already been proven that a very long distance can be traveled if the weather conditions are suitable. Up to the clouds, with ballooning is another option. A wonderful experience - floating over the mountain tops and enjoying the tranquility, combined with spectacular views.

Mayrhofen Adventure Pool

Suitable for the whole family, the adventure pool in Mayrhofen offers visitors the best aquatic fun they can imagine, plus a children’s area full of many activities for the little ones. Furthermore, this is one of the largest sauna places in the valley and much more. No matter how old or little you are, if you love water then the Mayrhofen adventure bath is a place for you. Also one can feel the tranquility of the whirlpool or enjoy the luxurious sensation of a sauna or steam bath or the Saunarium.
Mayrhofen adventure pool

Cycling & Mountain Biking Around Mayrhofen

If you have the desire for moving and getting fit, then you can try the cycling and mountain bike tours in the holiday region of Mayrhofen. This terrain is suitable not only for professional bikers but also for other cyclists who can reveal for themselves the variety of routes around Mayrhofen and Hippach. The Zillertal offers a total of eight hundred kilometers of cycle and mountain bike routes up to an altitude of 2000 meters. 

Mayrhofen Hiking Trails

Mayrhofen Hiking

At the foot of Zillertaler Alps National Park lies the village of Mayrhofen and is an excellent starting point for making a hiking tour in the majestic mountains and what is more – a perfect choice for one’s hiking holiday. Except for the spectacular views, the Zillertal Alps may offer the hiker an extraordinary wide range of flora and fauna. Next to eagles and mountain goats one will also find edelweiss, gentian and "Meisterwurz", which is used to make the similarly named well-known schnapps. About fifty huts offer an inviting atmosphere, with traditional food, mountain tales and time for relaxation. The Alpine schools in Mayrhofen offer a varied programme, taking one to the mountain summits, with courses from beginners to advanced. Most of the training consists of learning how to get oriented in the mountains with maps and compass, some necessary safety techniques, rock climbing plus roping up and down and getting familiar with spikes. Some of the hiking routes include Penkenhaus – Astegg, Stillupgrund - Kasseler Hütte, Ginzling – Maxhütte, Ginzling – Innerböden, etc.

Summer Skiing near Mayrhofen

Throughout the whole year you can find that the Hintertux Glacier at the end of the Tux Valley is always open. One can enjoy 365 days of skiing pleasure! Take the Gletscherbus 3, the highest double cable ropeway in the world to the panorama terrace at 3250 meters and enjoy an astonishing panorama - from the Grossglockner, to the Ortler group and all the way to the Dolomites and the Zugspitze. Very well prepared slopes (in summer up to eighteen kilometers) for skiing and snowboard lovers. You can also enjoy the experience of riding on one of the most thrilling and striking cable cars in the Alps.

Excursions Around Mayrhofen

Goldmine After many mines were abandoned at the end of the 19th century, panning for gold was concentrated at the Hainzenberg mine. Here like anywhere else, the continuous rising of the costs led to the inevitable closure of the shaft in 1896. As a result of the restoration of parts of the mining gallery they were made accessible for guided tours.
FeuerWerk – a Sensory World of Wood Workshops and congresses, art and culture, gala performances and various events as well as guided tours through the most modern and economic biomass heat and power supply offered in conjunction with our SichtBAR – the culinary art at the FeuerWerk.

Fortress Kufstein The fortress of Kufstein is a gem in the lower Tyrol region and a landmark of the district capital Kufstein. The fortress, which is in the possession of the bishops of Regensburg, was firstly documented in 1200. You can either visit the restaurant of the castle or enjoy one of the various events in the fortress of Kufstein.

Planetarium Schwaz One can get a little bit closer to heaven at the Planetarim Schwaz. An extraordinary experience with stars, comets and a lot of information about the universe. This would be an unforgettable experience beyond any doubt – a mixture of entertainment and culture for little and old.

Swarovski Crystal World Prepare to be amazed in the “Chambers of Wonder” which is situated inside the “Giant”. This is a journey into a cosmos of glittering ideas, present-day art and famous Swarovski crystal, that will remain in one’s mind forever.
Swarovski Crystal


Mayrhofen has to offer a wide range of climbing areas. Two granite rocks approximately sixty meters high loom above the valley in the Zemmgrund - the Gschöss climbing area, available all year long, which offers splendid views of the Penken plus the Knorren climbing area not only for beginners, but also for advanced climbers also on the Penken.
Mayrhofen Climbing

Horse-riding, Fishing & Hunting

Mayrhofen Horse riding Mayrhofen Fishing

Rides by horse-drawn carriage, pony riding... one can have lots of fun and a unique experience around Mayrhofen. More information is available at the riding stables.


The landscape around Mayrhofen offers some majestic mountain scenery plus an extraordinary and all-embracing range of flora and fauna. One gets a glimpse of animals usually only seen in books. Fishing opportunities around Mayrhofen in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere are numerous. That’s a good way to forget the daily routine and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mayrhofen landscape

Also you may want to visit the Mayrhofen Tourist Information and Mayrhofen Transportation.


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