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Kufstein, known as the fortress town is situated in the majestic Kaiser Mountains in Tyrol, at 500 meters elevation and has around 15000 residents. Its location includes riverside, adjacent ski slope, near Cross Country Ski Track, lakeside and also there is a golf course nearby, all of which make it a year-round destination.
The town is most popular for its fortress, which is like a gem in the lower region of Tirol and a landmark of the district capital Kufstein. The castle, initially possessed by Regensburg’s bishops was documented for the first time in 1205, afterwards the ownership was shared with the Dukes from Bavaria and from 1313 onwards fortress belonged to the Dukes of Bavaria. In 1415 Duke Ludwig extended the fortification, but in 1504 Emperor Maximilian I conquered Kufstein. Maximilian then ordered the castle to be reconstructed and enlarged it to the size of a fortress. Once again in the seventeenth century the complex was expanded. In 1703 and 1805 the Bavarians captured the fortress back and it again came into Austrian ownership in 1814, which has belonged to Kufstein since 1924.

fortress Kufstein castle

This beautiful small town is the perfect for relaxing vacation, as well as for various holiday activities and fun. Some popular activities in Kufstein are Alpine Skiing, Fishing, Hang-Gliding, Ice Skating, Cycling, Paragliding, Hunting, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Tobogganing, Nordic Skiing, Diving, Hiking, etc.

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