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This, about a mile long, traffic free Chestnut trees area of Esplanade, is maybe the town’s major attraction. One can walk from the Town Hall Square to the lakeside beach, watching the many imposing swans gliding along the lake. Once in ancient times kings and members of the aristocracy strolled along the Esplanade and the town’s park, just as where now every visitor of the resort can do. The Welfen from Hannover, Wurttembergs, Bourbons, and archdukes of Austria favoured Gmunden as a land of pleasure, as did Franz Schubert, Friedrich Hebbel and many others others.

Ort Castle

Ort Castle

Another great attraction of Gmunden is Ort Castle, now a ruined pile of stones, built on ancient Roman foundations that are set on a tiny isle a few kilometers offshore from the town’s center. Guests can wander among the ruins or stop at the nearby restaurant, the Orther Stuben, at a short distance from the ruins. Guided tours are also available, but should be arranged with a few days advance notice through the tourist office. However, most guests prefer to wander around on their own.

The Traunsee


One of the biggest lakes in the Salzkammergut, the Traunsee is about twelve kilometers long and three kilometers wide at its broadest. It lies east of the two chief lakes - the Attersee and the Mondsee. There are 3 mountain summits, which form a silhouette that Austrians call “Sleeping Greek Girl” - Hochkogel, Traunstein, and Eriakogel.
The most picturesque part of the Salzkammergut road goes along the western edge of the lake - from the Ebensee, at the lake’s southwestern tip, to Trauenkirchen. The Lake is surrounded by a many of resorts, but the major town is Gmunden.

Gmunden Lakeside Beach

The lake beaches are some of the best in the whole area, and in summer one can enjoy a wide variety of lakeside activities - from swimming and sailing to windsurfing and water-skiing, as well as tennis and horse riding.

The region around the resort is rich in beautiful panoramas. From the marked spot near the center of Gmunden, one can take a cable car - the Grunberg Seilbahn to the top of the town’s closest mountain, where one will be able to see out over the Traunsee and the Dachstein. The cable car, hauling four persons up and downhill within each of its Cabines, operates only during May till October, a twelve minutes ride each way.
However, in winter, ski lifts are available, and slopes on the Grunberg are easily reached from the resort. Various winter activities are also available, such as curling, ice-skating and strolls along the lake.
For the experienced, it's also possible to do a little mountain climbing. Also there are various folkloric performances and dance clubs, or one can visit and relax in a wine tavern or a cafe. For the souvenir lovers, one may see artistic work in faience (opaque colored glazes) and green-flamed pottery.


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