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BAD KLEINKIRCHHEIM tourist information


Bad Kleinkirchheim Spa St Kathrein

Thermal Spa St. Kathrein

St Kathrein’s thermal spa provides its visitors with huge separate areas for relaxation and adventure.
Swimming pool, water spraying mushroom, massaging water beds, whirlpool, mud pool, wild water channel, adventure land for children – all guarantee fantastic relaxation! Thermal Spa Cure – large pool (34 °C) with daily Aqua Gymnastics, which will certainly help one to feel totally relaxed, and recuperate thoroughly. In addition, there is Health World with Tepidarium and Vitarium, steam bath, masseuse, loungers, sauna and a cure therapy doctor.


Water Experience Park (Wasserix-Sinnespark)

The Water Experience Park is situated opposite the Spa St. Kathrein – which was built above the healing spa water of the more than five hundred-year-old St Kathrein Church.
This park is a one of the jewels in the center of the old part of the resort, which features a natural water world with little streams, ponds, marshes and a reservoir forest with all types of native forest species. The combination of nature’s un-spoiled, unique ambience in the beautiful area of the village, complete with the art creations, made by Thomas J. Gyori, turn the park into a very popular family-friendly attraction and a great place for adventure and recreation.



The special rock formations, crystal waters, and clean air high in the Nockberg Mountains make hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim’s region a marvellous adventure. The views are spectacular and everywhere one looks, he sees fascinating flora and fauna. The Nockberg Mountain is home to the Rhododendron, which covers the hills with rosy blooms- a beautiful sight to behold! It is also lovely to stop at some of the cozy chalets to have a rest and enjoy any of the many culinary specialties provided by local farmers. There are about a thousand kilometers of well-marked and carefully maintained safe trails between 1.000 and 2.500 meters in altitude with an unforgettable landscape.

The Nockalm Road

Nockalm Road

An excursion to the Nock Mountains is a great experience for all nature lovers. The almost thirty-five kilometers long Nock Mountain Road is a very special enchanting countryside. An unforgettable experience for both visitors - in cars and on motobikes, as well as cyclists is guaranteed. Around one will find many well-run gastronomic facilities serving delicious Carinthian specialties. The must-see spots along the road include: Car Park Eisentalhohe - the highest point on the Nockalm Road, providing one with a great aerial view; Mountain Farming Museum Zechneralm; Glockenhütte - natural history exhibition; Windeben Lake.


Nordic Walking

In the Nock Mountains National Park at an elevation of between 1.750 and 2.000 meters one can enjoy one of the three different Nordic walking routes. The routes offer various distances and are clearly marked. Also there are checkpoint signs along each route, where runners can compare their values with the values predetermined for the respective point.


Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

It is said that Cross Country skiers in Bad Kleinkirchheim are healthier and live longer! Taking it easy while gliding or testing, working out while skating the eight kilometers long Talloipe (valley track). It is great for both styles of skiing from November. The high track at the Nockalm, lying at an altitude of about 1870 meters also guarantees snow sure winter fun. Further forty-five kilometers of tracks connects to Gnesau and goes on further to the Gurktal. Great relaxing and regaining of the strength used on the tracks is available in the Thermal Spas. All this turns Bad Kleinkirchheim into an exceptional resort for winter sports.


Walking in winter


Winter guests can enjoy off piste areas, fascinating valleys, snow covered hills shining in the sunlight. In the Carinthian Nock Mountains one can appreciate the charming scenery on foot. There are about sixty kilometers of winter walking paths, which offer a perfect alternative to having fun on the pistes. A beautiful terrain to enjoy the quiet scenery, without even having to take an alpine risk. The well cleared paths go through magnificent winter countryside, as well as leading one to restaurants and guesthouses, offering delicious specialties. The surroundings of the resort and especially the Nock Mountain National Park are perfect for hiking due to their gentle peaks.

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