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Bad Blumau Tourist Information

Bad Blumau Transportation

Hundertwasser Thermal Spa Rogner - Bad Blumau


As one of the world’s largest habitable art structures, the Hundertwasser Thermal Spa is not only a great hotel and spa resort, but also a popular sight open to visitors. Guided tours are available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 13:00.

Thermal Hot Springs Park

hot springs Park

13 ha landscape has been developed with the Hot Springs Park, which as a giant resort area  joins the hot springs with the village centre. Just off the road, the park with the "Safenbach" brook as its ecological lifeline is an inviting place for a pleasant walk. Mostly native plants, apple trees and beech trees have been planted here. Also wild bushes with rapeseed, wine trellises and sunflowers are cultivated here. Most of the area is similar to water meadowlands. The idyllic pond system with its prominent coves and stone walls lends the park an almost Mediterranean flair.


Village Museum of Natural Healing "Healing Roots and Magical Herbs"

For the visitors of the resort, of course health and well being are a preference. This is just the motto that the village museum of Natural Healing displays in a lively exhibition where all the senses are addressed. What previous offsprings knew about well being and staying healthy is exhibited with interesting and descriptive shows.


The Baroque Parish Church Saint Sebastian

This church was built by the regal masonry master Bartholomäus Ebner of Graz (1702 -1703) and is dedicated to the Roman officer and martyr Sebastian. The whole building was renovated between 1962 and 1987.


Waldgrotte Maria Brunn

Located in the middle of a forest in the tiny village of Speilbrunn, this is a popular destination for guests seeking peace and quiet. Built in 1936 at the initiative of Josef Griesler, the site was last renovated in 1994.


The 1000-year-old oak


A hike from Weinbergweg to Bierbaumberg takes you to an unforgettable natural moment - on a meadow surrounded by forest, there is a huge oak tree. This 1000-year-old oak with its considerable circumference of nearly nine meters length is generally thought to be the oldest oak in Europe. One can relax in its shadows or sit and contemplate the many, sometimes stormy epochs that this magnificent tree has survived.


The Lafnitz and its meadowlands

The course of the Lafnitz has remained in its initial state, as well as the area of Bierbaum/ Detsch Kaltenbrunn, where after flowing into the Lobenbach, the Lafnitz winds its way through fields and forests from Burgau to the inlet of the Safen and near its banks, animals and plants have perfect meadowland conditions.


Horse riding

Horse riding

The Heschl Thermenreithof riding school occupies about four hectares of land, right next to the Bad Blumau Hot Springs. It has been professionally operated as a family business for twenty years. In addition to the daily rides, several day excursions, coach trips, training and jumping are offered. Matthias Heschl - a horse expert and riding instructor, also provides the visitors with the possibility of renting a horse stall in a new modern riding stall. In addition, available for horse-freaks are change rooms, shower cabins, sleeping facilities for up to a dozen people and a recreation room. Bad Blumau is also a point on the Styrian horseshoe tour, which is shaped like a horseshoe and begins in the upper Murtal, goes through the West Styria into the charming South and finally up to the Almen of East Styria. This rider’s paradise not only includes seven hundred kilometers of marked trails, but also numerous attractions.


Cycling and hiking

Five well-signed circle tours with a total length of eighty kilometers each lead to any point in the Blumau Hot Springs community. One can also link together different paths suitable for those with less experience and for children, or use the signed routes connecting neighboring communities. Blumau lies directly on the hot springs bicycle path R12 (330 kilometers). Biking and hiking maps are available at the information center or from the accommodation host.




Crystal streams and beautiful ponds in a largely un-spoiled natural landscape are prerequisites for fishing in Bad Blumau region. This region abounds with trout, graylings, barbells, nose carp, carp, tench and pike.


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