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Upper Austria


The capital of Upper Austria is Linz and the state is bounded by Germany, the Czech Republic and the sates Lower Austria, Styria and Salzburg. This is the fourth largest state in Austria with a total territory of 11 980 sq km and population of 1,3 million people. Upper Austria is separated into 4 regions – Hausruckviertel, Innviertel, Mühlviertel, and Traunviertel and 15 districts.
There are many places of interest in Upper Austria and even more for the ones who love being amongst nature. There are many breathtaking landscapes – from the "Alpenvorland" and the "Kalkalpen" national park to the "Böhmerwald", the Danube valley and the "Dachsteinmassiv".
There are also more than 2 000 km of cycling paths. One of the most popular tracks is the "Donauradweg", which follows the path of a beautiful river. Around other cycling paths, there are the rivers Enns and Inn, some lakes and natural reserves. Also the Salzkammergut Cycle Path is surrounded by magnificent mountains, lush forests and the crystal clear lake Salzkammergut.
Upper Austria offers also around 130 km of horseback riding trails located in the Attersee Lake Region. Another pretty famous place is the national park Kalkalpen where you can always go hiking.
If you would like to take care of your health you should visit hot thermal spas like Geinberg and Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach in the areas of the Innviertel and the Hausruckviertel. There are also health resorts like Bad Ischl and Bad Hall which offer unique iodine springs.
Here are some other interesting places in Upper Austria:

  • Cathedrals - New Cathedral, Old Cathedral - "Ignatiuskirche" and St. Mary's Catholic Church;
  • Castles - Burg Altpernstein Castle, Burg Krämpelstein Castle, Burg Kreuzen Castle, Burgruine Schaunberg and others.
  • Monasteries - Augustinian Monastery, Benedictine Convent, Cistercian Abbey of Schlierbach and more;
  • Monuments - Adalbert Stifter Memorial, Ancient Lime Tree, Ansprachgatter and many more;
  • Museums - Alpine Curling Museum, Altenburg Museum, Antik Puppen & Spielzeug Museum im Palais Austria and so on;
  • Caves - Dachsstein-Mammuthöhle, Erdstall Neustift - Excavation Site, Gassel Stalactite Cave and more;
  • Nature trails - Bärnloch Nature Preserve, Böhmerwald Forest School, Botanical Trail, Flötzersteig Trail…;
  • As well as churches, galleries, historic buildings, observatories, waterfalls, craft shows and many others.

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