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Weissensee is a town with 790 inhabitants, located at 930m above sea level. This little town is near a mountain and a lakeside with available trips in the open, plus ski-in/ski-out. Some of the activities the place offers include alpine skiing, fishing, asphalt/alpine curling, canyoning, ice skating, cycling, workout, golf, canoeing/kayaking, climbing, mountain golf, mountain biking, rafting, horseback riding, tobogganing, rowing, snowshoeing, swimming, sailing, Nordic skiing, windsurfing, diving, tennis, table tennis, trekking, hiking, water skiing, snowboarding, running/Nordic walking and more.
If you want to see some attractions you can visit some monuments (“Drachsel” Wayside Shrine and Wegweiser für Morgen), historic buildings (Alte Mühle), Fischereiausstellung, the beautiful bridge Weissensee-Brücke, the chapel Kapelle am Tscherniheim and a couple of chirches - Evang. Kirche and St Marting (a catholic church).
And if you prefer pure nature you can take a boat trip through the Weisensee Lake or go for a walk on some beautiful trails - Feuchtwiesen hiking trail, “Poesie am See" Fairy-tale Trail, Theme trail "On the Traces of Glass", Theme walk "Von Fischen und Fischern" and the “Wunderbaum" Tree.

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