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Velden is situated at the western side of the Worther See, at an elevation of  four hundred and forty meters and with population of about 8 500. It is one of the finest resorts in Carinthia and is famous as the heart of the Austrian Riviera. There are many scenery parks down to the lakeside and from most hotels one will have panoramic views of the lake and the summits of Karawaken. Of course, one of the biggest attractions here is the water sports - from swimming in the alpine lake and fishing to water-skiing, surfing, rafting. Another plus for the water sports here is the very long swimming season, which starts on May 1 and goes until the end of October - beginning of November. Of course, instruction is available for all water activities as well as rent equipment - windsurfers, small boats, canoes/kayaks and guided tours. Most hotels have tennis courts and there is also a golf course (eighteen-hole course), which is located on six kilometers from Velden. In addition to the great nightlife in the resort, various summer festivals are held in Velden as well.

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