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Province of Lower Austria


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Lower Austria

Lower Austria is one of the states in Austria and its capital is Sankt Pölten – one of the youngest capitals in Austria. The state is bounded by Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Austrian states Upper Austria, Styria and Burgenland. Lower Austria is the largest state in Austria with a total area of 19 174 sq km and population of 1,5 million people.
The state of Lower Austria is separated into 4 regions – Waldviertel, Mostviertel, Industrieviertel, and Weinviertel and 21 districts.

Lower Austria Map

One of the most fascinating places in Lower Austria is the Wachau valley, located between Melk and Krems in the Mostviertel region. The place is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site (as well as the Semmering railway) and is widely-known for its gorgeous natural landscapes and wines. And when it comes to wine, the vineyard Pfeffel, in the heart of the valley, can offer you wine tasting, food specialties and bike tours.
For the culture lovers there are more than 600 museums, galleries and monasteries in Lower Austria. Also there can be found many architectural and relic traces from the ancient inhabitants of these lands – from Romans to the Babenberger and Habsburger.
And for the people who like the natural tranquility, there are two national parks (Donau-Auen and Thayatal) and 22 nature parks in the state.
Here you can look through more interesting locations in Lower Austria:

  • Castles - Ausenbach Castle, Bergfried der Burg, Burgarena Reinsberg, Burg Burgschleinitz and many more;
  • Cathedrals - Dom in Wiener Neustadt and St.Pöltner Dom;
  • Monasteries - Stift Klosterneuburg, Augustinerchorherrenstift Herzogenburg (Augustinian Abbey), Benediktinerstift Altenburg (Benedictine Abbey) and others;
  • Museums - "Alte Post",  Archäol.Museum Carnuntinum, Bauernmuseum, Brick museum and more;
  • Monuments - Ältestes Weinfaß Österreichs, Auf den Spuren der Vergangenheit, "Blauer Herrgott" and so on;
  • Caves - Awarenhöhlen, Erdställe, Freinberghöhle…;
  • Nature trails - Baden - Helenental, Bildstockwanderweg, Der Naturlehrpfad, Die 12 Apostel and so much more;
  • Plus churches, chapels, galleries, craft shows, observatories, waterfalls and others.

Lower Austria


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