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The state of Carinthia is situated in the southern part of Austria. It has a total territory of 9,536 sq km and has 559,404 inhabitants. It is bounded by Italy, Slovenia, the states of Styria and Tyrol. There are the Carnian Alps, the Karawanken and the main river Drave.
The capital of Carinthia is Klagenfurt and the other two pretty important towns with many attractions are Villach and Malta.
The climate of the state is continental with hot and slightly wet summers and long, cold winters. Its major industries are tourism, electronics, engineering, forestry and agriculture.
The most important places you should visit are Villach, the lakes Wörthersee, Ossiachersee, Faaker See, the ski resorts Nassfeld/Hermagor, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Heiligenblut; Gurk Cathedral, Hochosterwitz castle, the Großglockner mountain and the Nockberge for alpine sport.
In Carinthia there are also about 200 more lakes, gorgeous mountains and the longest sunny days in Austria. The state can satisfy every wish – whether you like water sports, mountain hiking, biking, horse-riding or just golfing.

For more attractions you can take a look at the following short list:

  • Bridges - Bridge of Stone, St. Daniel-Weidenburg Suspension Bridge and Weissensee-Brücke;
  • Castles - Burg Hochosterwitz, Burg Landskron, Burg Oberfalkenstein, Burgruine Gomarn and more;
  • Cathedrals - Dom zu Klagenfurt, Gailtaler Dom, Gurk Cathedral and Maria Saal Pilgrimage Church;
  • Museums - Ausstellung "Tauerngold",  Bonsai Museum, Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Ebners Hausmuseum and many more;
  • Caves - Griffner Tropfsteinhöhle, Obir Caves and Rosalien Grotto;
  • Nature reserves - Alpengarten Villacher Alpe, Alpine Botanic Garden, Botanische Rarität "Wulfenia", Die Nockalmstraße and others;
  • Nature trails - Arnoldstein Culture Trail, Dichtersteine, Feuchtwiesen hiking trail, Geo Trail and more;
  • Chapels, galleries, monasteries, waterfalls, craft shows and dozens more

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