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Neusiedler See im Burgenland

Burgenland is the most eastern state in Austria. It consists of seven districts and 171 municipalities. The state is wider from north to south – 166km, but much narrower from west to east. Burgenland has a total territory of 3,966 sq km and thus it is the seventh largest state in the country. Its capital is Eisenstadt and the highest point is located 884m above the sea level and its lowest is 114m. Burgenland is bounded by Niederosterreich and Steiermark (provinces in Austria) on the west, Slovakia on the north-east, Hungary to the east and Slovenia on the south.

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There is something rare to see in Burgenland – in it there is one of the only two lakes without natural outflow in Europe – Neusiedler See. There are also many attractive things in the state throughout the whole year. There are many castles to look around, the summer festivals in Mörbisch and Sankt Margarethen, the famous wines during the autumn and the numerous thermal spas open even in winter. There are also available many concerts, galleries, sport activities, hiking routes and amazing landscapes.
Here you can read only a small fraction of the available attractions in Burgenland:

  • Basilicas - Frauenkirchen Basilica and Wallfahrtskirche u. Basilika Maria Loretto;
  • Fountains - Dorfbrunnen, Heilquelle Bad Sauerbrunn and St. Bartholomäus spring;
  • Castles - Burg Bernstein, Burg Forchtenstein Castle, Burg Güssing and more;
  • Eisenstadt Cathedral;
  • Nature reserves - Geschriebenstein-Irrottkö Nature Reserve, Haydn Kräutergarten, Landschaftspark and many more;
  • Nature trails - Botanisches Zentrum, Erlebniswanderweg, Kräutergarten and others;
  • Chapels, monasteries, monuments, craft shows, museums and tons of other places.




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