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KLAGENFURT tourist information

Austrian Airlines serves Carinthia, arriving several times a day at the Klagenfurt Airport, which is located northeast of the city. Since Klagenfurt is an attractive and well-known summer lakeside resort, Austrian Airlines adds summer flights from London, Berlin, Zurich, Rome and Frankfurt. Because of the city’s location on the lines connecting Vienna with Venice, Italy and Zagreb, it is a very important railway junction in southern Austria. Trains arrive from several different directions at intervals of less than half an hour throughout the day. It's easier to take the train, but there are at least twenty different bus lines from Klagenfurt out into the surrounding region.
If coming from Vienna by car, head south on highway A2, taking southeast at the junction with Route 17 and going through the Semmering mountain pass. Then follow road 83 to Klagenfurt. If driving into Klagenfurt and want to leave the car, the city offers restricted parking zones where one can park for ninety minutes in specially marked “blue” zones. You will need a parking voucher to stop in limited-parking zones (purchased at banks, gas stations, tobacconists, etc.).

Klagenfurt airport Map

Klagenfurt Map

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