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Baden Spa & Thermal Waters

Baden not only offers magnificent scenery to its guests, but mainly water. The medicinal sulfur springs, which have a natural temperature of thirty-six degrees, were already famous in the Roman period. Thanks to these curable waters visitors of the resort can enjoy various relaxing therapies - sulfur baths, water therapy and different forms of gymnastics, mud packages and massages.

Römertherme Baden

Römertherme Baden

Romertherme Baden is the largest spa in Europe with a complete air-conditioning and suspended glass roof. There is enough space for as many as four hundred guests at one time underneath the large glass roof. The new spa has a total water surface area of approximately nine hundred square meters. Among the pools and whirlpool for aquatic sports there is a huge wading pool for young bathing visitors. Also there are two outdoor pools and a cloverleaf pool with massage jets and a sulphur pool for about thirty bathers. After passing the gates one will discover the vitality pool with underwater lighting and soft music; one can enjoy and seating and reclining areas with various water therapy jets and bubble generators for relaxation and refreshment.
In addition, the main building, designed during the first half of the nineteenth century by the renowned architects Siccardsburg und Van der Nüll (the Vienna State Opera architects), has been preserved.




Situated amongst meadows, lush green forests and vineyards on the edge of the thermal Alps, Kurhaus has long been considered the perfect spa to come for a relaxing and healthful stay. The clean and fresh air of Baden’s region, combined with the natural healing powers of the sulphuric waters, is gentle and effective way of treatment. Therapeutic treatments in Baden are based on the water from the fourteen sulfur springs, bubbling out of the ground at temperatures between 30 and 36°C and with a rate of nearly four million liters a day. The hot sulfur springs have been well known since Roman times and are the basis of the "Baden cure". Various therapies such as sulfur baths, mud packs, water therapy, massages and gymnastics provide the visitors with recreation, relaxation and regeneration.

Strandbad (Beach Baths)

Strandbad Beach Baths

The thermal beach baths of Baden is the largest sandy beach in Austria and provides lots of hot water. Built in Art Nouveau style, they offer a state-of-the-art pool landscape, various sports and games, but mostly tranquility and relaxation on the lawns and in the Weilburgpark. There are two fifty-meters swimming pools, two pools with thermal sulphur water, massage nozzles at different heights, massage beds and ground geysers. Also there is a pool for children with slide, diving platform, hot showers and large water slide.



Baden is rich of culture and it was always important feature of the resort. Sumptuous palaces and mansions, stylish houses of the upper middle class and beautiful squares still bear the mark of famous architects from the Biedermeier period. Some of them include Carl von Moreau, Josef Kornhausel, Otto Wagner, etc. Wolfgang Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven lived and created their music here. Also Franz Liszt, Josef Lanner, the Strauss’ brothers, Carl Michael Ziehrer and Karl Millšcker resided and worked in Baden. One can find the names of many renowned poets and dramatists from Baden - Raimund, Nestroy, Anzengruber, Hebbel, Schnitzler, Eichendorff, Rosegger, and Nabl. The genius of the contemporary Austrian and German theater - Max Reinhardt was born in Baden.
Also famous painters such as Arnulf Rainer, Moritz von Schwind, Ferdinand Waldmüller, Anton Grass, the brothers Franz and Rudolf Alt and Paris Gutersloh. Interesting for visiting are the many museums and collections of Baden - Frauenbad, the gallery in the Beethovenhaus and the gallery Menotti.
When planning your visit during the summer, don’t miss the concerts in the spa gardens and the operetta festival in the Sommer Arena. And if coming in the winter season - in the Municipal Theater of Baden, alternative art and youth culture in the "Theater am Steg" and various show events in the Congress.

Golf Arena Baden

Golf Arena Baden

Golf Arena Baden offers the perfect combination for Golfing Enthusiasts! There are eight beautiful golf courses within five to forty-five kilometers of Baden; also 5 lovely hotels invite the golf lovers to the base for wonderful golfing holidays.


Wines of Baden Region

South of Vienna, Baden lies in the heart of the wine growing region. The town maintains the character of a small, cozy wine retreat. Gruner Veltliner, Rheinriesling and Neuburger are the wine sorts that grow here and yield a great harvest. The red Blauer Portugieser and Zweigelt are the special attractions for the wine lovers, located in the south part of Baden. A tavern of the wine growers can be found at the Green Market, in the vaults of the Heiligenkreuzer Hof. There the various wines that grow in the region can be tasted and bought. The grape itself is an attraction every autumn when the grape cure is taken on the main square – there are grape juice drinks, fresh grapes and much fun.


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