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Bad Ischl tourist attractions

There are many options for one to get here. The nearest airports to Bad Ischl are Linz/Hörsching, Graz/Thalerhof, and this in Salzburg.
Bad Ischl sits astride a secondary rail line that runs north to the major rail junction of Attnang-Puchheim and south to the equally important junction of Stainach-Irdning. At these junctions, trains connect frequently with those traveling from Salzburg, Vienna, Linz, and Graz. The town is also reachable by two main railways: Linz or Salzburg - Attnang-Puchheim - Bad Ischl; or Graz - Stainach Irdning - Bad Ischl. One will find the railway station in the Bad Ischl pedestrian area.
By car, one can get there - from Salzburg: B158 - Bad Ischl; from Vienna: A1 to exit Regau, B145 - Bad Ischl.

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